“Working for GHNS allows me as a RN to give our clients and their loved ones expert medical care in their own home environment. We are just a phone call away for any questions or concerns.”

Vivian Hendricks MSN, RN-BC

“When I began working for Gracious Heart Nursing Services, not only did I gain a great PRN job, but I also gained another family. Every nurse including administrative staff and owner Sharon Burton-Young, all care about our patients and welcome them with compassion and understanding. Working for Gracious Heart is one of the best decisions I have made during my 8-year career as a Registered Nurse.” 

Nate’ Morris, BSN, RN

“Working for Gracious Heart Nursing Services is professionally rewarding and inspiring for many reasons!  In this role, I provide excellent care with a human touch, one patient at a time!   Healthcare is an industry where multitasking is demanded, but sometimes the patient gets lost in the process.  Gracious Heart knows that patients should be the focus of healthcare and that nurses are the heartbeat of excellent care.   Gracious Heart supports their nurses in developing genuine connections with their patients while giving their nurses tools of knowledge, encouragement, educational opportunities, and flexibility.   At Gracious Heart, a nurse can take care of patients and themselves too!   This is achieved by allowing nurses to coordinate infusions that fit both the nurse and patient personal schedule, thus creating work-life balance that is real!   I know that when I am feeling my best, I provide the best care and Gracious Heart Nursing knows that excellent nursing care comes from healthy, happy nurses!”  

Susan Guerino, BSN, RN, OCN, M.Ac., L.Ac., RYT 200