Gracious Heart Nursing Services has a team of certified and experienced nurse specialists who can provide a full spectrum of vascular services to achieve positive patient outcomes. From PICC lines, midlines, and peripheral IVs, the technology and techniques we use allow our nurses to insert and confirm PICC lines via ultrasound right at the patient’s side. This process provides patients with the treatments they need in the comfort of their own home with less chance of infection.

Gracious Heart Nursing Services provides a single point of contact for physicians, hospitals, rehab centers, or long term care facilities whose patients require PICC line and IV services. Our nurse specialists will provide the quality of care your patients require.

Clinical Services We Offer Include:

  • Ultra sound guided PICC, Midline, and Peripheral IV insertions
  • Customized Quality Assurance reporting system
  • Availability of Vascular Access Specialist to answer your vascular access questions
  • Modified Seldinger Technique with ultrasound guidance and maximal sterile barrier precautions used for all PICC and midline insertions
  • Three ECG confirmation using a guided tip tracker system, in turn eliminating the traditional x-ray confirmation. Immediate release of the line for infusion, and elimination of unnecessary x-ray radiation exposure.

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