Debbie Powell

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Sharon Young for the past two years, when she became the IVIG nurse for my youngest daughter, Caroline. Treatments run about 7 hours every 4 weeks, which allows for fantastic bonding time.

My four kids and myself have various immune and autoimmune issues and Sharon is always willing to listen and discuss what is going on with everyone. When my oldest was prescribed her first IVIG treatment several months ago, we did not consider a different nurse. Sharon puts the best interest of her patient above her own. She rearranges her schedule whenever possible, especially to suit the needs of my daughter’s college and swimming schedule. My family could not have found a better nurse or friend; I am grateful Sharon Young has blessed our lives and has become my dear friend.”


“I feel very fortunate to have my infusion nurse, Sharon.  She has been my nurse for over 6 years. I count on her every 3 weeks to do a day-long infusion for common variable immune deficiency. She is not only extremely reliable but also flexible when the need arises. She goes beyond her infusion task, reviewing my labs and all of my health concerns; she treats the whole person. She also helps me communicate with my doctors and pharmacists. She is smart, thoroughly professional, and up to date on medical issues, but also kind and emotionally supportive.”

Elizabeth Powell

“Sharon is a delight! She is grounded and professional, and has always made me feel comfortable and cared for during my IVIG sessions. She is extremely knowledgable and calm. She also comes to you! My IVIG sessions last for hours: being able to spend that time in the comfort of my own home is a blessing. It makes the entire process easier. Sharon is always thorough, consistent, and professional: I do not think I have ever been treated so well in the industry!”

Traci Schneider, Brent’s Mom

“Little did I know that when my son, Brent, was diagnosed with a Guillain Barre’ Syndrome in 2006 that he would still be receiving IVIG treatments ten years later.  The road to recovery has been a long one with many, many trips to A.I. Dupont Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, three hours from our house in Maryland.  To say that I dreaded the three hour monthly drive is an understatement but mostly because of the side effects that included headaches and nausea for Brent.  After several years of doing this his doctor mentioned the possibility of having a home health nurse come to our house to do the treatments.  I was very skeptical at first and continued to make the pilgrimages to the hospital mostly out of fear of the unknown.  What if the nurse was not very nice or competent?  What if he or she couldn’t get the IV started or the cap blew off like it had in the hospital?  I was completely fearful of trying the home based treatment.  We let go of the idea for another year or so and then Brent’s doctor brought it up to me again.  At this point Brent was a little older and we were increasingly tired of making the journey which was now spaced out to somewhere around six-eight weeks.  I decided to give the home health nurse a try.  The rest is history….Sharon Young showed up as our nurse and we have been beyond satisfied with the service she provides.  She is no longer just a nurse for us, she is a friend.  She is so attentive to Brent while she is here.  She is patient and friendly, prompt and professional.  She is extremely efficient in getting the IV started and continually monitors my Brent’s vitals throughout the infusion.  Sharon arranges for the IVIG to be delivered to our home a week prior to the treatment and the day of her arrival all I have to do is set up the IV pole and pump and get my son’s pre meds ready.  He can sleep in, rest comfortably in his bed or living room, and not have to endure six hours in a vehicle to and from the hospital.   He rarely ever has side effects and I have to say I believe that it is, in part, due to him having Sharon as his nurse.  She is such a blessed gift to us…..I never want to go back to the hospital again, other than for his yearly check-ups with the neurologist.    I highly recommend Sharon to anyone needing a nurse in their home.  She is beyond wonderful!”